Why switch to LED lighting?

What is LED light?

Light Emitting Diodes are commonly called LED lights. It is a small electronic device that gives more light per unit electricity. This product has created a great impact in the lighting technology over the past few decades. The advantages of LED lights are more energy conservation, longer lasting bulbs and  and ecofriendly. This indigenous product is no, match for other incandescent and CRT bulbs.

Why you should switch to LED bulbs?

Whether you are a retail store owner or the CEO of a corporate empire, if you are working on your annual budget, please pay attention to your energy cost.s Switching to LED lights and bulbs all at once has a lot of cost implications, but when you do the math and consider all of the savings, it is the best solution in the long run.
LED bulbs can save energy in numerous ways. First, you will change 15 incandescent bulbs for every LED bulb. Also, each bulb saves approximately 50 watts. The energy savings is approximately $100 over the life of each bulb. In addition, after a detailed analysis, researchers found that LED saves around 42kWh of HVAC energy as incandescent bulbs give off much more heat. One of the main advantages of LED light is that it consumes 75% less energy than the CRT, incandescent bulbs. It is ideal for street lights, parking lots and offices where there is a need of light all day long. Also, many states energy companies have tax credits associated with switching to LED bulbs.
Ordinary bulbs burn up to 2000 hours on average. Once this hour limit is exceeded, it eventually burns out leaving you in darkness. However, LED lights can run up to 50,000 hours on average. Depending on the size of your business or office, this could be amount to massive savings in bulb costs alone. In addition, even if you exceed the hour limit for LEDs, it continues to emit light at about 70% of its original capacity.
The lights are durable and hence they can withstand minor vibrations and impacts and are not as fragile as glass.
LED bulbs have eliminated the use of mercury and carbon dioxide besides stopping the infrared rays and ultra violet rays from damaging your skin and intricate art works.
LED bulbs have astonishing number of advantages and overall savings. It makes sense both because it is a superior produc, but also because it save a tremendous amount of money over the lifetime of each bulb. Where soon all bulbs will be LED given all the benefits and none of the drawbacks associated with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. Every day it brightens our path in the one way or the other. It definitely is wise to invest in LED lights.

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